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Ralf Kesper on ---
A pretty butterfly

jpla on ---
un joli Paon du jour

Ralf Kesper on ---
Nice found. Have a good trip and take care and healthy on your travel.

Ralf Kesper on ---
Very nice catch

Ralf Kesper on ---
Really nice macro!

jpla on ---
joli cœur

Florence on ---
MON coup de coeur! *****

ceteceva on ---
Magnifique !

Henny on ---
beautiful! strong in detail!

Ralf Kesper on ---
Beautiful macro!

Blikvanger on ---
Very nice macro.

ceteceva on ---
Très joli focus !

jpla on ---
jolis détails

jpla on ---
c'est superbe

Omid on ---
such beautiful focus, details & colors! Lovely!

Ralf Kesper on ---
Supberbe and beautiful

jpla on ---
j'aime bien l'enfilade des lions

Ralf Kesper on ---
Top framing and right moment

Omid on ---
A M A Z I N G !

Devi on ---
Lovely capture of the falling water !!!

Hiro on ---
excellent backlit shot !

Ralf Kesper on ---
Superbe contre jour

Harry on ---
creative shot of the creative process

Omid on ---
such beautiful colors & textures! Lovely!

Ralf Kesper on ---
Very nice table top

Shaun on ---
Excellent. 5*

Ralf Kesper on ---

rem_la on ---

Ralf Kesper on ---
Nice view at the Canale Grande with the Rialto bridge behind you. I´ve stood excactly at this point some years ...

Michael Skorulski on ---
A beautiful Venetian scene.

Ralf Kesper on ---
Wonderful view!

Michael Rawluk on ---
Beautifully shot.

jpla on ---
Joli rapproché

Ralf Kesper on ---

Brian on ---
I like this image because I like beer Kann ich ein bier haben

Ralf Kesper on ---
Nice sign. Cheers!

valenttin on ---
C'etait un concours des veliers

jpla on ---
il en faut des hommes pour hisser toutes les voiles

Ralf Kesper on ---
Amazing with all this flaggs over the tops.

Shaun on ---
Excellent. 5*

Shaun on ---
Excellent capture. 5*

Devi on ---
wow..this is just beautiful !!!!

Daniel on ---
Formidable !

Ralf Kesper on ---
Interesting black dusty pollens. Very nice picture.

omid on ---
such beautiful focus, colors & details! Lovely!

Ralf Kesper on ---
Even nice in b/w. But I prefer the color version here.

Darkelf Photography on ---
That is just simply stunning and gorgeous.

Ralf Kesper on ---
Nice way

jpla on ---
Magnifique lumière

Ralf Kesper on ---

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